Developed by Engineers for Engineers.

Using proven strategies, you will be found by buyers who are relevant to your products and services. Our job is not done until your company and buyers CONNECT.

Growing your Business?

Increase Sales for your Company

The EngNet Engineering Directory Marketing Packages have been developed to increase sales for your company.

With almost 20 years of responding to visitor feedback we have built and evolved a marketing package that gives YOUR targeted audience exactly what they need to CONNECT and do business with YOUR Company.

Engineering Directory and Search Engine

EngNet is a powerful Engineering Directory and Search Engine aimed specifically at the Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Industry to enable Engineers, Technicians, Tradesmen, and many more to find information and communicate effectively with suppliers and manufacturers.

EngNet Engineering Directory

EngNet has been developed by Engineers for Engineers to service the need for easily accessible and accurate information.

How It Works

Get Found

Buyers need to find your Company today.

Using proven strategies, you will be found by buyers who are relevant to your products and services.

  • EngNet Search & Categories
  • Product News & Email
  • EngNet Partners
  • Tips and Tools to connect
  • Search Engine Marketing

Our packages will give you priority placement. In addition to EngNet, your company will benefit from exposure on Major Search Engines.

Showcase Your Company

Do you supply what your buyers need?

Our packages give buyers a great showcase of your company with detailed information on your company’s full products and services, which we effectively communicate with your relevant audience.

  • Company Profile
  • Product & Company News
  • Product Categories
  • Videos
  • Brand Name Products
  • Catalogues
  • Product Detail Pages

Connect with Buyers

Connect to your targeted buyers.

Our job is not done until your company and buyers CONNECT. EngNet marketing packages are designed to CONNECT your company to relevant buyers.

  • Request For Quote (RFQ)
  • Email Messages
  • Telephone Calls
  • Click to Website

Top Position

  • Only one slot is available on a search result page.
  • This is the top position and once secured is exclusive for that company (for the duration of their contract).
  • Reserved for Platinum Package only.
  • Features Company Logo / Short Description / Product Image.

2nd Group

  • Only three slots are available on a search result page.
  • This secures position 2 to 4 on a search results page and allows for up to 3 companies.
  • Reserved for Platinum and Gold Packages only.
  • Features Company Logo / Short Description.

3rd Group

  • The slots available are unlimited on a search result page.
  • This secures position 5 onwards.
  • Reserved for Platinum, Gold and Silver Packages only.
  • Features Short Description

Advantages of Listing on EngNet


  • Over 1 million visits to the EngNet Directory.
  • Over 1.2 million weekly Facebook reach.
  • Over 100,000 registered emails.
  • Highly skilled and experienced website team.
  • Experienced and certified Google Partner team.
  • Partnership with the industrial industries top journalists and Copywriters.
  • Understanding of the industrial and engineering market.
  • Content provision for news and social media.
  • Quick and easy interfaces to broadcast your products, news, video and certification instantly.

Audience (Users)

  • Users that utilise EngNet are individuals involved within the Engineering Industry, namely:
  • Technical buyers.
  • Engineers, technical designers, draughtsman.
  • Companies looking for strategic alliances and international agencies.
  • Importers and exporters for the engineering market.
  • Engineering companies sourcing raw material suppliers.


  • Experienced engineers have developed EngNet.
  • EngNet developers have extensive internet, programming, engineering and database experience.
  • Feedback from users enables us to develop the needs and requirements of the industry on an on-going basis.
  • Strong user base and extensive worldwide coverage.
  • Marketing that delivers results and keeps YOU ahead of the market.


EngNet Listings
  • Company Profile
    Your company in a nutshell in an effective showcase
  • Product/Service Listing
    Number of product categories allowable
  • Brand Name Product Listing
    Number of brand name products allowable
  • Top Position
    Priority placements
  • 2nd Group
    Priority placements
  • 3rd Group
    Priority placements
  • 4th Group
    Priority placements
  • Product Pages
    Detailed product information
  • Product/Company News
    Get your news out to industry
  • PDF Catalogue (up to 25MB each)
    Your PDF catalogue available to targeted buyers
  • Video/Media Module
    Your company or product videos to showcase your best
  • Social Media Links
  • Certification
  • Real Time Stats

Silver 100

R2,580 p/month
R28,150 p/annum
  • Enhanced
  • 100
  • 100
  • 40
  • 60
  • 1
  • 1

Gold 200

R3,490 p/month
R38,080 p/annum
  • Enhanced
  • 200
  • 200
  • 5
  • 50
  • 145
  • 10
  • 10
  • 5
  • 5

Platinum 350

R4,440 p/month
R48,440 p/annum
  • Enhanced
  • 350
  • 350
  • 1
  • 10
  • 100
  • 239
  • 20
  • 10
  • 7
  • 7

T&C’s Apply.

Banners / Buttons / Skyscrapers

Place your company advert across the EngNet site. Your company will receive maximum exposure to the best possible target market.


  • Increases broad product awareness.
  • Increases brand awareness.
  • Advertises your products to your targeted audience.
  • Captures the attention of engineers with products they need.
  • Stays in users’ minds, which generates enquiries.
  • Provides a website boost through direct access to your products / services information.
  • Reaches the entire Engineering Industry.
EngNet - Engineering Directory

EngNet Products
  • Banner Ads
    (CPM - Cost Per Mille / Thousand Impressions)
  • Skyscraper Ads
    (CPM - Cost Per Mille / Thousand Impressions)
  • Button Ads
    (CPM - Cost Per Mille / Thousand Impressions)

  • R270 CPM
  • R310 CPM
  • R190 CPM

T&C’s Apply.

Our Website Packages

Choose a Package that suits your needs and get in touch with us.

Choose Your Plan
  • Domain Registration
    Free or .com domain
  • Hosting
    5 GB disk space, 20GB bandwidth, up to 100 email addresses
  • Maintenance and Updates
    Updates can be done at any time on the websites
  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimisation done on all content and updates
  • Standard Design Options
    Choose from one of our Standard Designs.
  • Content Pages
    Amount of pages avaliable on the website
  • Contact Form
    Enquiry form/ Request for Quotation
    Prevents Spam emails in the AI form
  • Search
    Enabling quicker navigation & sourcing information/products
  • Header Slide Show
    Image slide show in the header of the website
  • Gallery or News Manager
    Image Gallery (Image rich) News Manager (Content rich)
  • Product Catalogue
    Products, Image with Description and PDF download
  • Google Analytics
    Stats reports will be avaliable and tracking of traffic on the website

Package 3
  • Custom
  • 30
  • Either

Package 4
  • Custom
  • 50
  • Both