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It all comes down to LEADS!

When asking clients what their most important goal is from their marketing, most answer to generate leads. Engineered Media is acutely aware of this fact and therefore focus on this end goal of generating leads!

It comes down to LEADS!

Once distilled out of all the marketing jargon from building brand equity to social strategy, the ultimate purpose is leads.

We Know What It Takes

With over 20 years in the Online and Digital market we know what it takes to generate quality leads.

We also know what works and what does not. This saves money and increases return on investment.

Results Happen

Engineered Media offers a number of lead generation strategies that will ensure:

  • Target driven return
  • Measurable LEAD results – even down to telephone leads
  • Industry exposure
  • Product focus pages

We use the tools available to many agencies, plus we have some value added products that no other agency can offer. Bolt this together with experience and results happen!

Lead Generation Packages

Identify – Target – Measure


A great balance single shot with a smooth finish for a satisfying lead.


Double volume, two shot with great balance for the perfect lead.


The big volume, two shot, no nonsense lead generator full of punch.

Focus and Benefit

We have tried and tested many strategies and know what works, whether you are B2B or B2C. We have flexible options offering different levels of focus and benefit for companies that are serious about business and want to generate good quality leads to their organisation with a known return on investment.

It is very easy to generate leads and high volumes of them, but large quantities of poor quality leads cost money. Our focus is on quality, albeit less quantity, to make a real difference to your company.

Quality Leads

We will identify your primary target areas and develop a strategy to generate quality leads.

We will utilise various expertise and tools at our disposal, which will include purpose built product focus pages, SEO, brand building, the EngNet directory, Google Ads and Social Media all tracked and measured.


Identify – Target – Measure

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