Senior Website Designer

Wanted: Senior Website Designer

Do you get excited about creating amazing websites for companies with your mastery of design & function?

Are you passionate about working directly with clients to help them develop a holistic website and content strategy that reaches the right people at the right time so that it converts into revenue?

Does the idea of working in a company with a team of true believers, obsessively results-focused, open-minded action takers, and people who are always in it to win it, excite you?


  • Love design and have created beautiful websites that are functional and pleasing to the client.
  • Have high attention to detail.
  • Figure out how to fix the problem instead of who to blame.
  • Take 100% accountability for your wins and losses.
  • Clearly say what you’re thinking and are objective with your feedback.
  • Have a career history of success, working in the trenches, and delivering WOW results for your team and clients consistently.


  • Will always be a remote-first company that works with people we like, doing work we love, how we want.
  • Work to pioneer and uplift the standard of digital marketing and advertising we all experience.
  • Care more about your values and intelligence than your experience.
  • Are committed to creating a team dynamic that creates empowerment rather than entitlement.
  • Are one of the few independent digital strategy agencies in South Africa with deep subject matter expertise in Websites, Search Marketing and PPC including being a Google Premier Partner.
  • We really care about our team. We work together to deliver great results for our clients.

Our Core Values

  1. Care for our clients and our company.
  2. Always be in it to win it
  3. Be Obsessed with Serving Others
  4. Practice a Growth Mindset
  5. When We Fail, We Don’t Lose the Lesson


The Opportunity

The mission of the Website Designer is to create beautiful websites from the ground up, maintain existing websites and improve old sites.

As a Senior Website Designer you will support and protect the team to achieve the company’s goals and gain more momentum by delivering WOW results.

This role demands an individual with a great eye for design and function, exceptional communication and interpersonal qualities as you will be directly managing client accounts. This means:

  • Website Fundamentals: The ability to showcase your ability with WordPress, HTML and CSS
  • Communication: The ability to set, communicate, and regularly manage expectations with clients.
  • SEO: Develop and/or implement an SEO strategy, executing SEO strategies, measure SEO performance, keyword analysis and reporting.


The Outcomes

  1. Deliver websites that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.


Perks & Benefits

  • This role is Fully Remote.
  • We offer competitive compensation and bonuses.
  • Flexible Hours


Unless you are an experienced WordPress Website Designer, this isn’t going to be the right role for you.