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Should you make any changes to the Initial brief once the website has been designed these would need to be quoted for.
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Additional Options you might require

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Additional Options you might require

As per the quote and terms and conditions it is up to the client to provide the written content and any images products etc. Engineered media can however be contracted to do this for you at an additional cost. This does not mean the general look and feel and design of the website that is for us to apply our magic

Look and feel and Branding

Do you have print materials (such as business cards or brochures, CI manuals) that we need to match?

Additional services Engineered Media could offer you, please could I get a quote for the following:

Download the site map planner this is just a suggested format every website is unique feel free to adjust the sitemap. If it is logical and we can cut and paste the text without having to edit it, we are good to go

If you have requested a product catalogue, we have a tailor maid contact Excel Sheet which we need to send to you.